The European restaurant “Caramel” 

If you wish to find yourself in a nice European restaurant for a moment, then you should visit “Caramel” by all means.  The colonial style which is traced in the interior design: elephants made of redwood, cozy sofas, soft and nonintrusive caramel tones of the interior and unforgettable European moderateness. All this will take you to the romantic Europe, as known and imagined by us from the read books and watched movies.

Oscar Wilde once admitted that when he was in a big trouble, he refused from everything... except food and drink. And he joked that after a good dinner he could forgive anybody, even his relatives. But this can be easily explained: The European cuisine has its own "temperament" and "character", and having tasted its food you are fully immersed in the ocean of benevolence and peace.  Along with dishes of the real traditional Russian cooking, in the “Camarel” restaurant you can taste such masterpieces of the European cuisine as tagliatelle with seafood, grilled asparagus with poached egg and French goose breast with porto sauce.

It is interesting: According to the legend, tagliatelle was invented in 1487 in the Renaissance. Blonde curly hair of Lucrezia Borgia inspired a romantic and skilled chef to create tagliatelle, which he cooked in honor of her marriage with Alfonso I d'Este. The dish was named Tagliolini di pasta e sugo, alla maniera di Zafiran (tagliolini made of dough with a sauce cooked according to Zafirana’s recipe), and was served on silver platters. Over the years, tagliatelle became popular among poorer segments of the population.

The restaurant “Caramel” will amaze you with mild and unforgettable flavors of desserts prepared by the pastry chef, and such most summer dessert as homemade ice-cream for preparation of which we use only organic products will conquer your forever. Besides, we have a big wine list, and our sommelier is always ready to answer all your questions, and give recommendations concerning the choice of this elegant drink.

In addition to delicious and truly tasty dishes of the Russian and European cuisine, nice music and excellent service also expect you in the restaurant “Caramel”. Here, you will with great pleasure forget about the bustling life of the southern capital, enjoy the relaxation and stunning cuisine.